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  • Departed Paranormal

    Departed Paranormal is a paranormal and forensic investigative team that specializes in seeking out the truth about homicide or questionable death cold cases.

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    Departed Paranormal is looking for reliable teams across the country to join our support network to help families in need.

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    If you have a family member that has been the victim of a homicide or questionable death case with no answers, we can help!

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Departed Forensic Paranormal

We are a professional team dedicated to seeking the truth and helping our clients.

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Team Core Professionals

We are a professional team of researchers and paranormal investigators.

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Services Research / Paranormal

Providing background research, forensic analysis, paranormal investigation and more.

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Help! Contact Us

If you need a consultation pertaining to a questionable cold case.  Contact Us!

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Departed Paranormal

Departed Paranormal is a highly trained group of paranormal and forensic investigators whose purpose is to research and investigate cold case homicides or questionable death cases with the intent to develop new leads to aid law enforcement in solving the crime.  Our top priority is to assist our clients using discretion, guidance and compassion.  Our team uses specialized forensic techniques and top quality research to provide results. We assist law enforcement using documented crime records and reports to research and build detailed profiles around the case.  Once a profile is established, we use forensic and paranormal investigative techniques in to seek for clues in solving the crime.

We respect our client’s right to privacy.  We respect the departed, their memory and their family.  Our Investigators are specially trained in conduct and appropriateness in handling victim and family information.  Every aspect of our investigation is strictly confidential and will only be shared with law enforcement to aid their investigation.  Departed Paranormal is bonded and insured as an investigative team by State Farm Insurance Co.

There are no charges for any of our services; however any donations would gratefully be accepted.    

Departed Paranormal is based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and primarily covers Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, but we will travel if needed.

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