Who is Departed Paranormal?

Departed Paranormal is a paranormal investigative team that specializes in seeking out the truth about cold case homicide or questions death cases.  We are a professional team of researchers and investigators dedicated to helping our clients find answers.  We bring our collective knowledge and experience to the table in effort to collect hard facts about cases reported by our clients.  We take a serious approach to investigating using state‑of‑the‑art methods, equipment and investigative technique scrutinizing all of our findings through rigorous standards.


What sets us apart from other paranormal teams?

Foremost, we are not just a “regular” paranormal investigative team.  Our mission and focus is specialized. We research and investigate specific homicide or questionable death cases assisting law enforcement to find new leads.  We have developed and use state‑of‑the‑art equipment and software to aid in our investigation and provide analysis of our data collection.  Our standards for investigating and collecting paranormal evidence are extremely high, requiring extensive analysis and formal review.  Our foremost approach is to determine via research, forensic testing or paranormal investigation if additional leads or information can be obtained in a case. 

Why choose Departed Paranormal?

We are a professional paranormal research investigative team and an entity of Carolina Paranormal. Our mission is to assist our clients with investigating homicide or questionable death cases that law enforcement has deemed a “cold case”.  Our team provides services such as background research, crime scene analysis and testing, forensic material testing and paranormal investigation services all in effort to build plausible theories and develop additional leads for cases.  Our confidentiality standards are the top in the field and our team’s training and focus is on discretion and professionalism.

We respect our client’s right to privacy.  We respect the departed, their memory and their family.  Our Investigators are specially trained in conduct and appropriateness in handling victim and family information.  Every aspect of our investigation is strictly confidential and will only be shared with law enforcement to aid their investigation.  Departed Paranormal is bonded and insured as an investigative team by State Farm Insurance Co.

We conduct our investigations primarily within a 100 mile radius of Charlotte, NC, and also travel throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.