Our Mission

Departed Paranormal is a forensic and paranormal investigative team whose purpose is to research and investigate homicide or questionable death cases using professional and scientific practices and methods to aid law enforcement in finding answers to the case.

  • We will respect the client’s right to privacy and will keep investigation findings and client identity strictly confidential.  Using only information obtained to provide detail to law enforcement.
  • We will respect the memory and dignity of those who have left the earth of their physical bodies.
  • We will conduct our investigations and research in a professional manner.
  • We will treat all property, public and private, with respect in our investigations.
  • We will disclose to our clients our research findings in a professional but sensitive manner, free from personal bias.


  • We will not create false or misleading interpretations of our research results.
  • We will not attempt research or investigate cases which are beyond our means or capacity.
  • We will not use our research or findings to cause harm, fear or despair for the victim’s family.
  • We will not use psychics, medium, conjuring, séances or any non-scientific methodology to investigate the paranormal aspects of the case.
  • We will not charge our clients for any of these services.