Rafael Martinez

Name: Rafael Martinez

Position: Departed Paranormal Investigation Technique Adviser and Liaison to Law Enforcement

Bio: Rafael began his fourteen years of serving our country with four years in the United States Marine Corp. He then went on to serve 10 years in Federal Law Enforcement in ever increasing capacities due to hard work, persistence and outstanding performance. His positions and assignments include : Border Patrol Agent, INS - Quick Response Team/Fugitive Operations, Federal Air Marshal after 9/11, and Special Agent for US Customs Service and ICE. As a Special Agent, Rafael was assigned to Narcotic Smuggling Investigations where he made record bulk currency seizures of drug money and narcotics for his office using gut instinct, an eye for identifying investigative leads and outside the box thinking. Amongst Rafael's various assignments as a Special Agent were appointments to the DEA Task Force, the DEA Airport Interdiction Task Force, the Financial Crimes Task Force, Cyber Crimes investigations and temporarily to the ICE Counter Terrorism Unit at ICE Headquarters in Washington DC. Over the course of his investigative career, Rafael has had to learn to work within and ingrained culture of secrecy and turf wars in the law enforcement community in order to coordinate and further investigations. Rafael has an uncanny ability to see beyond individual clues to see "the big picture" and get to the truth.

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